About House of Industrial Equipment Ltd.(HIEL)

House of Industrial Equipment Ltd. established in In 1977 Any in 35 years ,we are providing The best global brands and still continuing to set the standard for quality and durability of Industrial Equipments with wide ranges. we has a great asset of long-lasting reputation among professional and skilled workers who co-ordinates and interact for developing,designing,engineering etc of our industrial machineries consumables.

HIEL(House of Industrial Equipment Ltd.) Standing 2012

These long run experience and expertise engineering professionals brought HIEL the best among best in Kingdom of SaudiArabia's market.
Every product of ours have a broad range of high performance,standard for quality and a good durability.
With a great success in market we have 7 branches throughout Kingdom to serve the valuable customers on time.
Our expert managers and employees to maintain our facilities at the highest standards are highly accountable.